Who We Are

Cara Wilde


Hello Amazing, here’s a short version...

I’m an empath, healer, trained counsellor, trained energy therapist, bridge to the inner and non physical realms , conscious parent, lover of life, adventurer and author. I adore working and communicating with the non physical (source, spirit, angelic realm – insert whichever word you prefer :-) ) I’m a Pagan, new ager, and soooooo passionate about everyone living authentically, living the lives they truly desire, it’s what I was born to do :-)

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I’ve stood in a stone circle in thick fog in the middle of the moors casting a circle and communicating to the ancestors. I’ve bunjee jumped into the ocean. I’ve sat and wept, held by my soul, and I’ve acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company. I’m a wild child and have always felt different from my family clan, then I found my tribe scattered all across the globe – thank the Goddess for the internet!

I now live in the mystical land of Cornwall in the UK and, having just turned 40, I am living my heart felt, authentic life. Days feel magical. I love my family, my work, where I live. I’ve reclaimed my authentic body shape after YEARS of being unhappy with my weight, reclaimed my true nature and embraced sharing my uniqueness with the world. I have more dreams, a bigger vision of my life now and, as I steer myself towards those new dreams, life is wild and life is blissful right now.

For those of you interested in my work bio – by my early twenties I had walked away from two “good” career choices to follow my passions. Tried Uni, doing a degree in social work, walked away from that after I realised I was going to have to compromise my beliefs in that career. I found my passions, which led to the juggle of a full time job in the field of Alcohol Dependency, on the management committee of a HIV project and volunteering at a Domestic Violence refuge working with children. At the same time I had a small practice teaching Reiki and offering psychic readings. I loved my work

Through my work in the alcohol field I worked with clients in group work, counselling, and in the dry house. I also supervised and trained new counsellors. I loved this work and something was also troubling me. Not only was I taking on too much pain and suffering (it took me a long time to work out how to function healthily as an empath in this world) but I was also experiencing the revolving door syndrome, people were replacing their dependency on alcohol with a dependency on the workers and the organisation itself. They were no longer drinking but still not experiencing personal freedom. I knew from my work with Reiki and energy work that issues could shift dramatically and was left scratching my head. I could no longer work with intergrity in counselling, it felt far too limiting.

I crashed. I had taken on too much of other people’s energy and I was searching for something that could combine my knowledge of psychology and energy work and allow transformation to be gentler, easier and longer lasting; I quit my job and shortly afterwards. I discovered and fell in love with EFT and TAT (don’t you just love it when the universe provides the answers!) I trained to the advanced level, used it in all areas of my life and dived into this new world of releasing trauma, limiting beliefs and stuck emotions more elegantly and powerfully.

Following my dreams I took the plunge and moved my family 400 miles away from all that we knew to live in Cornwall, a place I had dreamed of living for years. I then experienced a huge shift in consciousness (which you can read about in my personal story) which resulted in my moving (again!), meeting the man of my dreams, channelling Aurora and launching Wild Bliss. I am so proud of Wild Bliss and the work that we do. It’s a combination of my knowledge, passions and unique skills. I am working in tune with my deepest authentic self and I adore it every day – even on the days it makes me scream :-) and I can’t wait to share it with you.

My personal journey from dark to light ~
only dive in here if you are comfortable with deep, honest sharing.

I am choosing to share with you in this open and honest way because I believe that there is inspiration, transformation and power to be found in stories. I share this because I hold no shame about my times of darkness; although some of it was incredibly painful at the time, I retrieved the golden nuggets of treasure buried deeply within.

The first six years of my life were traumatic, splattered with fun times; I grew up surrounded by violence and abuse. At 6 my mum found the courage to flee and we began a new journey with a new dad for me. I buried those first six years, plastered a big smile on my face and pretended that I was happy and fine. I was adopted, had brothers and a fab set of cousins as my new family. We went on fantastic holidays, had great experiences, and yet there was Trouble at t' Mill. (that’s a Yorkshire saying ~ all was not well!)

Everything was outwardly fine. I would perform, be happy, be caring, mature and a very good girl. I would walk confidently into a room, all the while feeling so sad and ashamed inside without a clue as to why.

I was bullied at school, instigated by a boy who I turned down for a date :-)

I retreated into my inner world and it became very rich, it was my life line. At night I would look out of my window and see the Green Man's face in our garden (before I had even heard of a green man!!). I saw spirit frequently and, because of my childhood experiences, I was on alert. I became an expert in reading body language, energy changes, and feeling the mood of a place. I have my childhood experience to thank for really honing my empathy skills.

Everything ticked along, I got into to mad and wild situations but was always protected in some way. I was surrounded by spirit very strongly growing up. Everything just worked out for me despite all the self doubt and insecurity I was carrying.

Then I crashed, developed an eating disorder, started to have debilitating panic attacks, extreme anxiety, some OCD tendencies and sometimes I was too scared to go out of the house for more than 30 seconds at a time. I was terrified of life and had no idea why. WTF? Became a frequent mantra of mine. Unbeknown to me, my subconscious and deep self was desperately trying to get my attention. Pretending wasn't going to cut it anymore.

I tried counselling. Although I found a walking angel in my counsellor who guided my through past life experiences, opened my eyes to Reiki and allowed me to see my worth and value, I still felt out of control of my life, powerless against the panic attacks and living like a victim. I refused any medication from the doctors as it made me ill. I came so close to checking myself into our psychiatric unit but then something began to change. Reiki began to help me hugely. I found EFT, TAT and I began to find myself again. I realised I had a big hunk of healing to experience. I read all I could about subconscious beliefs, energy therapies, healing from trauma, neurplasticity, conscious creation, other dimensions, how other people made their life work – anything that could help. At the time it would have really served me to seek help from an alternative therapist but, thanks to a combination of a lack of funds and deep shame, I did not see that as an option.

Instead I did it myself, and because of that it took me a little longer. It was a slow but purposeful journey. Because my self worth was so low I didn't make my healing a priority. I had a young child, a disabled husband, and saw their needs as coming before mine. It was a journey over a few years. I had some wonderful friends to support me, to talk to, and the universe sent along books that I needed, DVD's and information that arrived in quite miraculous ways.

I did it. I healed. I set myself free from the lies of my past and catapulted myself into my dream life.

I no longer experience panic attacks, I no longer consider myself an anxious or insecure person. When I feel anxiety (as we all do at times) I know what to do to support myself, I know how to avoid crashes now.

I've learnt to say no to what I don't want and yes to what I do. After 15 years I left a marriage that was no longer serving either of us and relocated with just the kids and me. A few months later I met and fell in love with the man of my dreams.

I know myself. I have clear boundaries so that I can live in this world and still allow my natural empathy skills to flow.

I changed my body shape, moved from a size 20 dress to a size 10. I no longer consider my weight to be an issue. This can still amaze me at times as I had previously been dieting since the age of nine. I love my body and now consider it my friend rather than an alien! :-)

I am at peace with myself and my world. On days when things don't go to plan, when I slip into worry or control, I know what to do and it doesn't take me long to get back on track to where I want to be. I love my life. I have bigger visions, bigger dreams to walk into. More of me to explore, discover and share. I am on a blissful, wild adventure and I am so grateful for those transformative years. I am wiser now because of them, more grateful than I would have been without them, and I also know that I no longer need that strength of contrast, my past is truly my past. I am free, wonderfully FREE.

All this and more I know is true for you, and I want you to join me. I know, deep in my bones, like an ancestral memory, that life is supposed to be a joyful adventure; that we are meant to live in harmony with each other and the earth. That our uniqeness is our gift to the world and each and everyone of us is a precious and important part of this intricate web of wonderful life. Most people just want to be happy and loved, we crave it because we recognise its truth

The call of love seeps deep into our bones, healing our aches. When we feel love, we are home. It has always been there, it always will be there.

We are loved unconditionally and eternally.

We are birthed of it, we are an expression of it.

Love truly is all that is real in this world and all worlds.

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Ian Barnfield


Me? Well...

I think of myself as a personal and spiritual development student / teacher / writer. I'm a techno-geek, web-freak, artist, photographer, designer, creator. I'm blissed out, in love and happy as a...

Yeah, I think that pretty much covers it :)

I'm also highly digital, mildly perfectionist (no, really, I've got it under control!) and obsessed with quality, clarity, truth, beauty and authenticity. I know that life is meant to be, and can be, a joyful adventure, and I want You to know the truth of that too.

I could say more - and I have done ;)  If you'd care to join me...

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I’ve spent much of the last ten years working on personal development, my own and teaching others, within the framework of a successful networking company. After all this I had gathered a large array of tools and techniques from the simplest ‘positive thinking’, goal setting and affirmations to NLP, visualization and working with the Law of Attraction.

It's all good, but through all of this was an ever present feeling that something was missing. No matter how much I achieved there was always doubt. However ‘successful’ I became, I always seemed to sabotage it in some way. People would enthuse about how great I was, how energetic, how inspirational, how I was set to take this business by storm; but away from the bright lights it all faded - I was dead inside and felt utterly lost.

I decided to take a break from all of that, and worked with my then wife to create and buid a riding school. Horses were her passion and this was her lifelong dream, it seemed like a great idea. We threw everything into it, taking some huge risks - calculated but still scary! And it paid off. 18 months later we had a thriving, growing business.

I was living in my dream house, surrounded by beautiful trees, with a fantastic view. There were cats, dogs and horses, pigs and chickens, rabbits and foxes in the fields. I had my workshop, full of tools and toys, and acres of land to play in. I got to work with animals, which I love, and to ride in beautiful countryside whenever I wanted.

And I was miserable.

Yep, sounds crazy, I know, but there it is. I had all the 'things' I'd always wanted, so I should have been happy, right?


The truth is I was in the wrong relationship, the wrong job, doing my best to do the right thing but for the wrong reasons. I was not being authentic. I wasn't being me. And as a result I was miserable - I felt overworked, overwhelmed, unmotivated and uninspired. Oh joy!

After these years of wandering in the desert I found my way back to the path of development and growth and attended some workshops where I was introduced to the idea of Emotional Wisdom. I finally realized what had been missing and felt that I had been given permission to be myself, to be authentic, to be what I wanted to be, not what others thought I should.

And isn't that the issue for so many of us? That we spend so much time trying to be what other people want us to be (or what we think they expect us to be) that we forget who we truly are. It's certainly where I was anyway!

There comes a point where you have to make a choice. I chose to walk away from it all. Literally, as it happens, one cold, snowy December morning I walked away with a bag of clothes and the laptop I'm typing this on. I walked away from my dream home, from a business I'd put all my money, time and work into, from a step-daughter I love dearly, from the animals I loved and cared for and from a relationship that no longer served either of us.

And I've never been happier!

It only took a little while; fortunately I'd met and fallen in love with my soul mate, my lover and best friend - and she happened to know some very useful energy based techniques. I dived right in and started to heal all that had passed, and work on being me!

When Aurora arrived on the scene the whole process suddenly became so much clearer, faster, easier – altogether more elegant. That is the gift that we want to share with you, the clarity that comes from that higher perspective. The knowing that your wildest dreams are not just dreams – they are your birthright, that not only is it ‘ok’ to be yourself, but the universe practically demands that, for things to work properly, you MUST be yourself, and only then will you begin to shine in the brilliance of your true, authentic light. The realisation that life really can be a constant joy and delight is, as Aurora would say, quite delicious!


Aurora - Dawn of a new day


Aurora is a non physical being who exists in a realm of energy. She is neither male or female but says she chose a predominantly female focus to suit me and my ability to channel.

She tells us that she has experienced one physical life time as a male shamanic medicine man so that she could more understand what it was like to be human living in the physical realm.

From the moment that we connected with her she has been consistant in her message that life is supposed to be joyful, that life is designed to live in peaceful and joyful harmony and that anything that takes us away from that is a call for love. Her purpose is to help people remember who they truly are; divine creative beings who are here in the adventure of life in order to experience that which brings them joy.

Here’s an audio of Aurora describing this.

Introduction to Aurora (5 mins)

People frequently ask us how we first met Aurora so here's the story...

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It was a dark and foggy night…. no, sorry, just kidding!

Ok, here's the real story. Ian and I had just moved in together and we were spending most of our evenings playing with energy work. That is doing some serious spiritual and personal development but having such a blast doing it (we can be a bit weird like that). We were doing the whole brain posture, Reiki attunements and inner journeys. Ian was reading Orin and DaBen's Opening to Channel book, and I decided to go and see what high level guide wanted to work with me.

I have been working with guides since I was about 17 so this wasn't new, plus I had learnt how to be discerning and to only connect with a loving presence. On what seemed like a normal journey to me I connected with this powerfully, blinding white light. I saw the light from behind my eyes and it felt as though someone was beaming a light directly into my eyes (but without the pain, thankfully :-) ) She told me her name and that she had come to work with us, that Ian and I needed to get together before this all could happen. Ian was so new to all this that I thought he might just pack his bags and flee, but instead he was just as excited and curious as I was.

I didn't allow Aurora to talk through me at first. Come on, I'd just moved in with the love of my life who was relatively new to the whole idea of guides, and this being wanted to talk through me - and I just knew my voice was going to change. Who wouldn't have let pride get in their way? Please! Well that pride lasted 24 hours, thanks to Ian's encouragement and I began to verbally channel Aurora. She made us laugh, we giggled so much. We channelled every evening, recorded everything.

I believe that meeting Ian provided a portal that allowed Aurora to connect to me more fully, that Ian and I had a soul agreement that included working together with Aurora.

After quite a few evenings of channelling she gave us a message for an associate of ours about some health concerns of his. We passed the recording on and he immediately requested a reading. After the reading he was recommending Aurora to people he knew and the readings were birthed pretty much there and then. We hit the ground running and the reading requests just flew in. Then Aurora started to offer channelled processes to support people, and the rest is history really.

We talk to Aurora frequently. We still giggle a lot with her. She never fixes our problems but does give us some incredible insights into our lives from our souls' perspectives, and helps us with all areas of our lives.

Talking with Aurora is pretty much a blast!