A Call to Women – Go WILD

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Women and guilt can be like peas in a pod and it’s time to split and separate.

Guilt was never meant to be our companion in life, love was. Each woman is a face of the Goddess, each of us is unique and beautiful in our own way. The world needs our passions, our desires, our gifts. Whether we express that in a grand dream or in the moments of reaching out to those around us, each way is valid. But in order for us to radiate we need to know ourselves. Our uniqueness, our complex blend of preferences is our song to the world and the world needs to hear it. And so do we. We need to make the time to hear our own song.

Women’s liberation was not about having and doing it all, certainly not out of obligation and sacrifice. Instead it was about liberating ourselves from guilt and having our own choices. Yet our choices still seem to be governed by culture and society. Pressures can come from anywhere and unfortunately the spiritual growth field is not exempt from this. Tribes of all kinds have their cultural norms and, if we are not careful our cry of freedom can be lost in the well intentioned rebellious cries of others.

If we want to work – WRONG – we need to take care of the kids
If we want to stay at home – WRONG  – we are being over protective and need to contribute to society in a more meaningful way
If we want to be thin – WRONG  – we should abandon media driven images of perfect bodies and embrace who we are.
You are happy with being larger – WRONG – you are costing the health system a fortune

blah blah etc etc

Who’s life is it?

Do we even know anymore?

I have been part of some glorious and loving alternative tribes AND they still have their own silent rules. The field of spiritual growth has many too. 

We need to reclaim our right to make our own decisions, based on our own choices. Reclaim your authenticity and you reclaim your power. We get lost in indecision that results from wondering about what is the right thing to do. Nothing is right unless we declare it so.

It’s time to embrace our inner wild woman and let her sing to us. Allow her tempt us into delightful and empowering choices for ourselves. We are the only one who lives out the consequences of our choices, we need to allow them to be the consequences of our own choosing.

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We need to take the time to get to know ourselves again, to reclaim our hearts desires, to remember our dreams for ourselves, dream new dreams if need be. We need to make time to do this, it’s not a journey we can do in five minutes in between school uniforms, dinners, lovers and work. It might take a few hours or a few months. But we need to reconnect to our inner realms, to our own wisdom.

We need to take pen and paper, or a long soak in the tub and allow our minds to re-craft our lives into authentic living. 

Look, in the long run I promise you this is hotter than Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp (insert your own sexy man or woman here). So take some soft time to dive deeply into yourself. I promise you are more beautiful, exotic and glorious than you imagine.

You are amazing already, this is not about needing to improve but allowing more of you to shine through. Ask your soul to be with you in this journey of questioning. I promise you, the answers are in there and you are loved beyond anything I can convey in words.

Ask yourself

What is your greatest desire?

What would excite you? What does excite you?

What speaks to your heart?

What moves you, stirs your soul?

What delights you?

Allow these questions to spark the journey into the knowing of yourself and life will answer you with more – IF you go looking.

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                         Allow your Wild women to soar.

                                       We need you. 

What do you think?

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