A visual of truths ~ a gift for you

Hey beautiful,

Today’s blog is a visual reminder, a gift to your soul, of truths that long to exist in your world. Sometimes we call them beliefs, sometimes we have them as mantras, always they are a reminder of the love that you are, the way life can flow and the joys that await you.

Sometimes we remember with clarity the love that Source flows to us, sometimes we feel way off track and experience the contrasting fears. Wherever you are on that scale between love and fear, here are some reminders:

friendly and loving

You are safe, you are loved, all is well.  Even on those days that you feel unlovable, where reality or your mind seem to confirm this….refuse to agree. You are loveable.


I am in charge of my own life

You have the power to direct your thoughts, your desires and your actions  into alignment with the dreams you have for yourself. You don’t need anyone else’s approval or to justify yourself. Allow it be a simple act of deciding to choose because you want to.


I forgive myself for all the choices I have made

Look back on your life with self compassion, knowing that you were always doing the best that you could at any given moment. Your past is laid to peace with the quality of acceptance.


I expect the best to happen

Expectations solidify thought into form.  Know that you deserve to be happy and loved and look to your reality with fresh excitement.


Joy is the path to remembering who you are

Your personal joy is your portal to Source.  As you allow joy to flow through you, you allow Source expression in physical reality. Joy is the embodiment of Source.

Please feel free to use these pictures as wallpaper, print them off as reminders around your house, put them on your phone as visual mantras or share them on Facebook.

Cara Wilde

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