You don’t need to convince other people of your dream

Joy is the Path


Whether it’s a global dream or a personal dream. Whether it’s a huge quantum leap or a small next step, it isn’t your job to convince those around you of its validity. No one has to believe in it other than you.

You can dream and believe whatever you want. You can give yourself permission.

One persons ridiculous is another persons “of course” and neither is wrong, simply operating from their perceptions of themselves and the world.

It’s time to let go of the need to prove ourselves, especially for those who challenge the status quo.

Release the need to lead a crusade and instead gather your energy to live your truth

Release the need to convert others and instead free that energy to pour into your own dreams, your own vision.

Your vision for your future is valid and worthy of your energy. You are worthy of your dream

Wait for no one else’s permission but neither call yourself to battle

Byron Katie’s words were a revelation to me when she said

The first act of war is defence

Let’s be for something, rather than against something

Say no in order to create space for a bigger yes.

A yes to your own path

Let’s be for our own truth, our own vision, our own lives full of meaning and significance

walking side by side. After all, as Ram Dass said ~


Ram Dass Quote


How do you want to get there beautiful?

Cara Wilde