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Todays blog see’s the beginning of the Conversations With Aurora series, short video clips on various subjects that I hope will inspire and support you. Whether you are planning your year ahead or living moment by moment, todays video clip might just inspire you to consider what you are choosing for yourself and how important meaning and significance are for you.


In this short clip from our Conversations With Aurora series, Aurora discusses the components of Bliss and how to allow more bliss into your life. (You might notice how more present and powerful Aurora is since my trip to John Of God).

What would a meaningful life look like to you? Would you be doing anything differently if you were being true to yourself as well as to others?

Cara Wilde

Cultivating Bliss


P.S. If you would like some more practical support on cultivating bliss you might enjoy my guided journey designed to help you slip into peace in an evening and experience a deeper appreciation for yourself.



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