How To Recognise Your Truth

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If you are trying to discern your next steps, understand what you truly desire then today’s blog has an easy process designed to help you do just that.

This process will help you to recognise when your self talk is out of alignment with your truth. Once you have done the process and gained a clear understanding of what your untruth feels like to you, what state it creates within you – you can use it as guidance in all areas of your life.

Being by holding something that is beautiful and sacred to you. Something that you have a connection with. It could be a crystal, a stone, a notepad, something that evokes a feeling of awe and beauty. You could also think about  a beautiful sunset or a wonderful memory ~ you get the idea.

Now, tell yourself why you love it, what makes it special to you. How does it make your heart expand? Allow yourself to bask in those feelings that have been evoked, allow the beauty and awe to fill your body. Pay attention to your bodily sensations.  This is how your truth feels to you.

Now here’s where it get’s interesting

Whilst you are still looking at or thinking about your sacred object start to tell yourself how ugly it is, how much you dislike it. Tell yourself how wrong it is.  (I really resisted doing this but I was glad I stuck with it as the learning was invaluable).

This how untruth feels to you

As you speak this untruth, notice how you feel in your body. Does your face feel calm or pinched? Anything happening in your heart or stomach area? Do you recognise these sensations when you think about other areas of your life, how you relate to yourself or how you think other people perceive you?

This will give you clues as to how your body and mind feel when you are telling yourself an untruth. When I first explored this exercise, I felt as though I was going backwards through a tunnel and my thoughts had a particular quality to them. I soon saw how this quality of though popped up in other areas of my life too. This gave me valuable information on when I was telling myself an untruth in my life, out of fear or limiting beliefs and also where my truth lay.

Getting to know yourself in this way can be extremely supportive in those times of confusion, when you’re unclear about whether your are listening to fear, logic or your heart. It can help you when you have a dilemma – an either/or decision – and will most likely free up your thinking, allow for alternative solutions.

Your truth with feel soothing.

Even if your truth will be uncomfortable for others or it feels scary to express, your truth will bring you relief.

I found it to be enormously freeing. I hope you do too.

Have a go and then share your experience on the blog. Sharing experiences leads to richer learning. I’d really enjoy hearing from you.

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  1. Greetings,Cara,and Ian, I DO so enjoy my bliss ‘bombs’ and am very excited about the new website you have under construction..and I will plan to take a step over to view……The Recognise the Truth is a WONDERFULL article,for ALL of us, THANK YOU! Meantime, best wishes to you both, stay safe,stay well…Gratefully, TOM

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