Ignite Your Life

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Ignite Your Life
This month we are spotlighting the amazing work of Life Coach and Yoga Teacher Emmanuelle Lambert and her group coaching Ignite Your Life.

I  worked with Emmanuelle in 2012 when my work was presenting me with so many options and choices that overwhelm was a constant companion – not fun! The clarity and empowerment that I experienced in the sessions with Emmanulle made me zero in on exactly what options supported my passions. Goodbye overwhelm, hello focus.

Emmanuelle starts her new round of Ignite Your Life group coaching on MONDAY 4th March and TODAY  the 1st of March is the LAST day for your chance to sign up.

To find out more about Emmanuelle and her amazing work, check out her interview here. This girl is so much fun to work with and is so passionate about people living a joyful life!

Did you experience a breakdown and break through moment which led to you becoming a coach supporting women solopreneurs? In your experience do most people go through a breakdown and break through period?

Talk about breakdown / breakthrough momentS, plural oblige ! The road has been bumpy and I do believe in the value of breakdowns. I still have them and usually I see them as a sign that I need to learn a lesson that will soon be shown to me. And yes, people do go through these periods too. Personal growth and development happens in leaps and bounces, it’s not exactly a clear and quiet path all along.

What advice would you give to people who felt a yearning to offer something life changing through their work but who didn’t see themselves as the entrepreneurial type? or that just felt too big.

To start where they are, think big and start small. It takes time to build a business and to bring yourself to a point when you can actually handle everything. Running a business is the best self development tool there is, and your Self needs to grow accordingly to fill in the entrepreneurial shoes.

Keep learning, stretch yourself a little bit, but not to a point where every thing looks overwhelming. If it’s overwhelming, how can you break it down so you can actually start acting and not just thinking about it ?

People often ask Aurora, What am I here to do? What is my purpose? How do you think that we can best discover the work that we are here to do? How do you think our work can best serve our spiritual growth as Souls incarnated in physical form?

On my own path I have learnt one thing : that the answers are already within us, very simply because we have the power to choose what is our purpose. So the first thing is to look inside and take stock of who we are, what we know, what our passions and strengths lie.

Our work is the external manifestation of who we are inside, it evolves and grows  (and I’m not talking in figures) as we evolve and grow, and our business is a tool for full self expression. Running a business is not the aim, it’s the tool to shine and inspire others.

and finally, as I know that you like to fully enjoy and embrace all of life….tell us 5 ways that you truly love to experience a joyful life (tip – chocolate is a given 😉

Oh really, I can’t mention chocolate ? 😀

I love yoga, of course, being a teacher and a student. Yoga is a way to reconnect to myself and get energy unstuck, this is when I feel whole.

And music of course. I can’t think of anything more joyful than singing at the top of your lungs to a song you love (and annoying your neighbours along the way ;)).

Add to this playing with my cat Lulu (you should see the state of my hands), taking a breath of fresh air in my backyard, and a good laugh with my boyfriend !
Emmanuelle Lambert

When Emmanuelle Lambert tried yoga for the first time, first she was a frustrated corporate employee, second it wasn’t love at first downward dog, it was more what-the-hell-have-I-got-myself-into at first sun salute. Fast forward six years later, Emmanuelle has broken free from corporate life to be fully self employed as a yoga teacher and life coach.

Yoga and coaching have helped Emmanuelle realize how powerful she is, how powerful everyone truly is. She is now helping her students and clients realize the same so they can design their wholehearted/minded/spirited life without guilt or overwhelm.

When she is not goofing around on her yoga mat, Emmanuelle can be found playing with her Krazy Kitty and her Lovely Boyfriend, jumping around to loud indie rock or eating dark chocolate – sometimes all these things at the same time.

Connect with Emmanuelle at her website, on Facebook or Twitter.
Find your life purpose with Ignite Your Life!, starting March 4. Dates and sign up info HERE.

Emanuelle Is truly inspiring, empowering and motivating to work with. If you sign up expect plenty of giggles too.


Cara Wilde

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