Is the force of Love more powerful than gravity?

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Just how powerful is the force of love?

Can the laws of love overcome the law of gravity?

Just how powerful can we be?


I know they may sound like ridiculously bold questions but I have had experiences in my life that cause me to pause and reflect on this type of question (welcome to my mind!).

Life has blessed me with experiences that blow my mind and my current way of thinking.


Allow me to give you an example as a demonstration.

About 20 years ago I was living on my own for the first time. A flat that I loved. I lived in a part of the city that most people stayed away from, you know those bad neighbourhoods? But there was something about that place and that flat that I truly loved. As I sat in my living room with my windows wide open, music playing. I could hear the noises of the city drift towards me. Laughter, shouting, music~life! I felt truly alive, each evening I felt as though I was on holiday listening to the sounds of people enjoying themselves, and I loved it.


I was at the beginning of my professional career as a counsellor; my future was exciting me. I was experiencing many interactions with the non physical through my spiritual life and everything felt as though it was unfolding perfectly. Even though I had moments of intense loneliness as the relationships in my life were going through a transitory realignment, mostly I was in love with my own world.


I didn’t have one “bad” experience in all the time that I lived in this “bad” neighbourhood.


One night I was on my way back from the take-away, relatively late, when a group of young men walked towards me. As an empath, I could feel their anger and their general unhappiness with life. I then began to feel that anger directed towards me. One of them picked up a rock, about the size of his hand and looked at me. I barely registered it.


I was more intrigued with their vibration and my dawning recognition that, at a fundamental level, their vibration was asking me not to love them.The man with the rock was saying, vibrationally, I am not lovable. As I said, I barely recognised the rock or his growing intention towards me, I was stood so strongly in my love of life, of people, that all I recognised was my thought of “No, you are not going to get me to not love you” and with that I gently (no intention in mind other than to offer love) imagined my love for him reaching across between us and enveloping him.


At that precise moment (he was about 2 feet away from me) he threw the rock towards my head. Again I barely registered it. I was so focused upon love at that moment that, even though I saw the rock coming towards me, I felt no fear. Then something incredible happened.


The rock should have hit me, square in the head with some force. But it didn’t. It swerved at a 90 degree angle to my body and completely missed me. Gravitational force and kinetic energy should not have allowed that to happen.


Love’s eternal companion Grace, provided an alternative pathway


The man did a double take, stood and looked, and I basically just floated by. To an onlooker I must have looked like a strange being who wasn’t really there. And I wasn’t really. In that moment, through the power of love, my reality and the man’s reality could not intersect in the way that we would usually expect. My intention of loving him and myself was strong enough (I believe) to cause that rock to move through the air in a way that our science says is not possible.


It wasn’t until I got to work the next day and began to tell my co-workers that the enormity of what had happened struck me. I heard words like “oh be careful” and “you really need to look after yourself” that showed me just what had happened. At the time it felt natural and realistic. I never questioned it.


Now I’m not suggesting that all we need to do is have loving thoughts and we will never experience negative action. I’m also not suggesting never to run πŸ™‚ Fear and I are old friends and it was not a usual reaction for me to have. But it does pose interesting questions.


When we stand in the full knowing of LOVE, what are we capable of?

When we are, in the entirety of our being, the pure essence of Love, what can we experience?

It was a moment I will never forget and a feeling of absolute love that I only glimpse in my day to day experiences


That moment taught me that Love is truly the most powerful force in the universe.


I imagine that there are many of you who have had some demonstration of this truth in your life, if you feel moved to I would love for you to share that with me and others on the blog. Stories are powerful illuminators of truth for all of us who read them.

We need more stories of love, care to share yours?


Cara Wilde

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6 thoughts on “Is the force of Love more powerful than gravity?

  1. Hi! I have always been a person who gets ‘sucked in’ by films and dramas. I have tended to enjoy the feeling of sadness and gladness that these fake situations afforded. Then I spent time with the power of love. I truly trusted it. And last week I watched a film that would normally have had me in a terrible mess. It had awful injustices that I used to hate. Instead I watched on and noticed that the whole film was about love that had got twisted. But it was still love. And that is easier to deal with than sources of hate. What a moment!

    • Hi Suzi,

      You sound life a true empath πŸ™‚

      “love that had gotten twisted” I love that wisdom. Couldn’t that be a description for life? or rather the challenges in life? Aurora tells me that most of our frustrations are a result of not feeling able to give the love that is inside of us.

      I imagine that was a hugely transformative moment for you. Wow that you could do that
      Thanks for sharing that Suzi

  2. Glorious story, Cara, thanks for sharing it!
    When I’m totally within love, I literally glow in the dark. I never realize it when it’s happening (too busy Feeling the love to notice, I suppose), and only know when an observer tells me~ sometimes during the event, sometimes after.
    Bill has been the only one, I believe, who took it so completely in stride that it didn’t raise a concern/comment out of him~ he told me when I asked him, early in our romance, that yes, he’d seen that I glow in the dark when I feel a lot of love (he’s an empath).
    He was so unshaken by it, I knew I had the right guy for me! πŸ˜€

    • Hey hun,

      oh your post made me smile so much, I can totally “see” that you would glow in the dark. Wow. That’s incredible and so much of an experience of validation for Bill that he can see that and therefore know that?!!

      Hugs to you

  3. Thanks for sharing this story, Cara – a pretty remarkable experience.

    I have had experiences of not being hurt when I should have been and my state was one of love. However, the stories are not quite as easily sharable or verifiable… or maybe they are – after all, your friends really didn’t grasp what you experienced – nor can we, with an experience defying the laws of nature.

    I have found over the years, some people can accept my experiences as being valid – which of course they are – and others chalk them up to hallucination or delusion. Perhaps you have had a similar response.

    While I understand not wanting to tell people to ignore a feeling of fear – I also believe as you do – that fear and love are opposites. And when we are truly aligned we are completely safe, and supported by the universe and nothing bad will happen to us. I don’t believe this is something we can think ourselves into – but rather something we must feel – happy, joyful, and in love with life – that wild bliss you are always blogging about.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience and perspective.

    • Hi Dan,

      Yes it was pretty remarkable and sometimes when our experiences cannot be verified or proven in the usual sense it can be challenging to share them. The more we do though, the more we become “permission givers’ and “allowers” for others to share their truth.

      There are plenty of people in my sphere of existence that I would not choose to share these experiences as they could not grasp them. I don’t want either their truth or mine to be invalidated so I choose to share them with people who are open to the possibility that my experiences are real and valid and who simply want to dive into the deeper understanding available for all of us πŸ™‚ Which is why I am so grateful for the people, like you, who sign up for our blog.

      I agree with you that there is a difference between a mental understanding of something and a knowing of it. I would say that in that moment where you experienced the power of love, you become an embodiment of it which is where we have the greatest impact.

      Thanks Dan for taking the time to share here, I appreciate you

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