Beyond the Law of Attraction

New paradigms call for new ways of being. Sometimes this doesn’t mean that the old ways are bad, no good anymore, or even that they don’t still work.

The wake-up callIt’s more that something begins to stir in you, a new knowing of something more.

The old ways work, kinda, well some of the time, you think you may have a handle on it but not really sure.

You keep going with it for a while, look around on Facebook, check out what your friends are doing, knowing that what you are searching for isn’t in ‘over there’ but, when you’re not really sure what you’re seeking, how do you know where to look?

Your inbox is sprinkled in the delicious confetti of free webinars, free audios, the next new thing….

You’re grateful.
You know that people are really trying to help you, support you,
but you have an itch and it’s not getting scratched!

What is it?

Your life isn’t perfect, but it’s okay… there’s room for improvement and expansion, but you know this will always be true, so what is it about, this restlessness?

Or maybe a grenade gets thrown into one area of your life and ripples through everything – you’re thrown and focusing your thoughts, being vibrationally high, simply isn’t enough anymore,

just isn’t enough

You want more

there is disconnect happening somewhere,
it’s elusive
keeps you up at nights
and yet sometimes you sleep like a baby
life’s a paradox
and you feel like a ping pong ball between two extremes

You want centre
words like core-self get your attention
not sure what it means but it does feel like potent magic is stored in those words

You are where you need to beYou get frustrated

what’s wrong?
what’s so unsettling?

Nothing is wrong

Hear the peace in that.
Nothing is wrong
It’s all going beautifully right

Because in the middle of the paradox is the new thing you’re searching for, beyond the Law Of Attraction, beyond the the techniques
Not without them
Incorporating them, still having them available – a law’s a law, right?

In between the states of duality lives your point of power

it’s easier to access when your Now is resting in peace, but it’s always there

and it holds ALL of your potential

You still get to live in duality

But when you stand in the middle ground…..

and your anchor to that middle ground

Your Authentic Self is your Portal to Sourceis you
the true you
in your element
wild and graceful

stood still, whilst forever moving

centred in the core of you beingness

commanding with gentle strength

knowing who you are and radiating that into your field of existence

from this place

your preferences are known, discovered and savoured
self care becomes a holy experience
relationships soften, allowed, freed
life pours from you and you create from the inside out

What’s beyond the Law Of Attraction?


What’s the itch?

A new discovery of you finding your homing beacon

Real, untamed, raw and beautiful

From this connection to your core self

you can begin to work with the laws of the universe
whilst being in the peace of your now
and the excitement of your perfect potential

It all makes sense from here
and no longer needs to


Cara Wilde

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