Planning Dreams for 2013

Hey amazing,beautiful soul

Alrighty then, so yesterdays blog didn’t go according to plan when our automated system decided to send out my unfinished product. You got me raw 🙂 So here’s the real blog……

It’s coming to the end of 2012. Can you believe that we are so close to 21/12/2012? After all this time of wondering and discussion, it is nearly here.

At this time of year I always go inside, take time to review the year and to listen to the inner whispers for the next year. What miracles within me are awaiting birth? What do I want to experience in 2013? What dreams call me?

Planning your dreams

2012 has been a year of letting go, clearing out and building a stronger foundation.

Self care has been my message of 2012. Nourishing thoughts, nourishing foods (letting go of sugar, wheat and loving coconut oil and green smoothies). Stopping smoking (wow at some point I need to tell you how easy that was, unbelievably so). After a year of nudging from Aurora, finally starting to run AND to my amazement, loving it! More yoga, weight training, cave girl style. Clearer and stronger boundaries have been a huge theme, being less co-dependent. Ultimate self care in order to create a stronger foundation for what is ready to be birthed from me in 2013.

So I have a stronger physical body, more energy. I’ve learnt how to walk the middle ground, stay focused and not allow outside events and people to throw me off my path. I’ve learnt how to say ‘no’ more to circumstances that don’t bring me joy.

I have the foundation that I need to be bolder, to have bigger goals, to allow my wild woman to roar her loudest.

What this means for you is that 2013 is going to see bolder things from Wild Bliss. Continue Reading…