What John Of God taught me about you


The last time I wrote to you was before Ian and I traveled to Brazil for a stay in the Casa with John Of God.

That honestly seems like another lifetime. When Aurora works with someone over a period of time, it’s clear that their energy system has changed. My guess is I am, energetically, another version of myself.

Healing and meditating gardens at the Casa de Dom Inácio

Healing and meditating gardens at the Casa de Dom Inácio. The presence of the entities fill this space

I learned so much in Brazil, the whole trip was a rollercoaster filled with dramatic highs and lows. Channeling over there was an incredible experience and had a profound impact on the way that I channel Aurora. I learned a lot about you too.

Not all of my experiences at the Casa were pretty or easy, but all of them were wrapped up in love and part of the process of allowing more of my Authentic Self to show up in daily life.

Everyone that we met over there was transformed by the Love that radiated from the Casa. Some in subtle, gentle ways – others in profound and life changing ways. I think my reflections could fill a book, but for now I’ll stick with a blog post!

The waiting area for John of God

The waiting area for John of God. When the healing starts you can’t see this room for crowds of people.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was the strong sense of safety and security available. It was as though all fear had gone. There is an amazing sense of community there; some people live, work and play on that one street connected to the main Casa. Some people never go anywhere else. We met countless people who had visited for healing and never left.

There were several components that seemed to make life around the Casa feel so full of love and here’s what I learned about you:

Those same components can be applied to all of your life now. You don’t have to visit John Of God to feel that level of love every single day. In my conversations with people I was struck by how their experiences were changing and shaping their core beliefs. You can re-create that same experience every day through your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and expectations.

Core Beliefs

I am safe in the World

I live in a friendly and loving universe

People truly believed that they were safe, protected by the entities. You could feel it and see it. People were relaxed, more open, reached out, smiled and laughed.

Core Beliefs

My needs are as important as anyone else’s

I am authentic and true to myself in all my relationships

Because it was recognised that people were focused upon their healing, the value of following your own rhythm was seen as a priority. Rest and solitude was encouraged if needed, and so was trusting and following your intuitions. No one took it personally if, half way through a conversation, you needed to go rest, nap, meditate or simply hang around the energy of the Casa. People were encouraged to be around situations and people which felt nourishing and inspiring. There was a strong message of trust yourself.

Core Beliefs

I deserve to be happy and loved 

I am a necessary and important part of divine intelligence

 Every single person I met over there felt the love from the entities in one way or another.

John of God saw approximately 800 per day. Everyone was important and equal. When I was meditating in the entities’ current room (a place where channelers focus on creating a field of love to support the entities’ work) everyone of us meditated, without a break, until everyone had been seen, heard and advised about their healing – about 4 hours at a time! The message? Every single person counts.

Core Beliefs

I am in charge of my own life

My body is my friend

I trust my body to heal

I welcome change and growth into my life

In my experience of psychic surgery, the entities provided me with opportunities to heal. I felt their energy interacting with my own energy system, bodily sensations, powerful emotions and the most vivid dreams. Each time I needed to take responsibility to stay in trust, openness and aligning my decisions and choices to the healing I wished to experience. The common understanding at the Casa was that, in order for the healing to be effective and long lasting, the person needed to decide to change in some way. There was no criticism. Instant healing occurred, but the message that healing is a journey empowered people to see that they were in charge of their own lives. For various reasons, some people’s  journey was going to be longer than others.

Core Beliefs

My life is unfolding perfectly

I am divinely guided in each moment

Again the message was about trust. We hired a guide to support us through the process and she was perfect for us. Explaining the strict rules laid down by the entities for psychic surgery, visiting the healing waterfall and other experiences. She explained why the rules were there and how to trust each aspect of the process. Every time something strange happened she would gently guide us back to the knowing that all was unfolding perfectly.

The final main ingredient at the Casa was play, joy and fun.

Ian enjoying himself at the Casa de Dom Inácio

Ian enjoying a moment of his kind of play

The majority of the people who worked in the Casa; the guides, cleaners, kitchen staff and shop assistants, loved their work. Smiling was frequent, hugs were spontaneously exchanged throughout the day, laughter and tears of love were frequent.

I have honestly never experienced anything like it in my life. The love, passion, co-operation, commitment and pure joy allowed the Casa to create a field of potential for healing that permeated into every person there. There were many, many challenges, sadness, grief and loss, and it certainly wasn’t perfection. Instead the imperfections allowed for the creation of a rich and deeply nourishing experience.

Frutti's - the juice bar at Abadiania

Frutti’s – the local juice bar

The trip left me with questions that I invite you to ponder with me.

How can I embrace more of those core beliefs and core components into my life?

How can I create a community inside of me that supports and nurtures me?

How can I gently increase my worthiness, trust and focus upon doing what I love and expressing more joy in my life?

I’d love to hear your responses.

And remember you are truly loved for who you are right now, no fixing, just quite simply as you are right now.

Cara Wilde

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9 thoughts on “What John Of God taught me about you

  1. WHAT a WONDERFULL TRIP,and EXPERIENCE for both of you! Im so PLEASED with your journey,and,especially the sharing of it…with all of us (your friends,and followers). I continue to enjoy my ‘bliss bombs’ and re-read my reading from Aurora. THANKS SO MUCH for the updates on your journey…its very uplifting!. Meanwhile, all best wishes to both of you,and STAY SAFE,STAY WELL, HUGGS….TOM

    • ah Tom, thanks so much for your love and enthusiasm! I’m so glad that you enjoy the bliss bombs too. they are so much fun to do. I appreciate you taking the time to write Tom. Hugs to you too

  2. I love how you invite us to embed these core beliefs in our everyday reality. Often it’s easy to feel in alignment with beliefs like these when we’re at a workshop or receiving healing but then it can seem to disappear again when we’re back in the day to day rhythm of life. ‘I am divinely guided in each moment’ is going to be my mantra for today. That allows a softening within me; a deeper knowing – a letting go of unhelpful effort and a deepening into myself. Thanks for sharing this, you beautiful shining star xxxxx

    • Hey Jackie,
      You make a really good point, shifting deeper into the knowingness of these beliefs is a process. I love how you have chosen your mantra from the words offered.
      Thank you for sharing your wisdom, much love to you mwah!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful e-mails! After a life time of depression I am so happy to tell you that I am depression free, having recently gone on a wheat free
    paleo diet! My whole life has changed! Being a follower of Abraham I have struggled with many ‘bad’ thoughts. This new way of eating has completely changed my life. If you have the time I would appreciate some comments from you. Much love and ‘thank you’ for your website. With profound LOVE Valerie

    • Thanks Valerie 🙂 I think it’s about finding something that works for you, not just following what someone else has decided – and I’m so glad you have!

      In terms of eating, I’m Not A Million Miles From Paleo (NAMMFP – do you think I should trademark that?!) which for me means high fat and protein, including plenty of dairy, and minimal carbs. I can take sugary things if I accept that I’m going to be hungry every two hours for the rest of the day. What I can’t be doing with is wheat – anything more than a couple of biscuits or a small slice of pizza and I feel bloated and wake up with a hangover (while alcohol rarely gives me a hangover these days!) so I just avoid it as much as is possible and convenient.

      I trust my body to heal itself and tell me what it needs – I try to listen! And I think for many people that’s going to an important part of unplugging from the mainstream conditioning – news, media, negativity, TV are the obvious ones, but I think the food / diet / ‘health’ industries have a lot of people trapped and feeling that they can only trust an ‘expert’ to tell them how to eat and live. So well done you for starting to reclaim and remember your authentic nature!


  4. thx for the message. I had read about John the God and was quite inquisitive about whole thing.. i had read a book from them too i think.

    I loved the belief messages too. I relate to them from personal knowing now. Once i started to apply these and found them to be true life has been so easy and smooth, at the same time passionate and energetic.

  5. Cara, I am so glad you had such an incredible experience and felt compelled to share some of what you took away. The core beliefs you chose to share are awesome – even more importantly you had an experience which made them visceral…

    I wanted to respond to your questions – not because I have the answers but because they are interesting.

    How can I embrace more of those core beliefs and core components into my life? My thought is – how can you not? Or how could I not – the more I feel this way the more I feel this way – we are safe, we are divine – we just forget to feel that way… and it is the feeling that makes us really get it.

    How can I create a community inside of me that supports and nurtures me? I love this – because I don’t usually think of myself as having a community inside – but you are right – because I do have conversations with loved ones or people I’d admire or spirit in some form or other … just don’t go around admitting it. But again – the more I feel it, the more I know it.

    How can I gently increase my worthiness, trust and focus upon doing what I love and expressing more joy in my life? Again this one strikes me because I know you know you are worthy – we all are worthy but we easily slip into not believing it – yet again I think … how can you not? We get better at doing by doing …

    Your posts are wonderful – I think both you and Ian have a wonderful joyful spirit … just keep it up. It has to keep getting better – that is the way it works … at least that is my understanding.

    As for me, I don’t feel great or healthy all the time (but certainly the majority of the time) – I do feel safe (almost all the time) – but I think the percentage of being in the flow is getting higher all the time and that feeling that everything is unfolding as it should is with me more and more in my life. I recognize my own progression as I am guessing you do as well.

    Thanks for blogging.

    • Hi Dan

      So good to hear from you again.
      I really enjoyed reading your reflections and deeply appreciate you sharing them. You showed me a different way of thinking of my inner community, my inner community is my different aspects, my inner critic, my inner champion etc and I was wondering how I can soothe some of those aspects so that I have a full team of inside supporters. I hadn’t though of it in the way you described, thank you.
      Thank you for your support. I agree, I do recognise my progression, hugely! I’m so glad that you see yours too.

      Hugs to you

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