Why you don’t need to work harder

Forgive the intrusion, we normally try to limit the blogs that come your way. Inbox overload is not much fun. But as I was sitting outside, listening to my inner calling, my heart wanted to talk to you.

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I have been listening to so many webinars, seminars, solopreneurs and reading blogs, blogs, blogs about success in business and my brain has been in overload.

Today I volunteered at my children’s school, giving Reiki to the staff for Wellbeing day, and bang! I was thrown back into the depth of my authenticity. Reiki is where I started my spiritual journey. When I teach Reiki or offer treatments, love flows. Guides show up, past life information comes to me, blocks show up and, best of all, I begin to glimpse the inner greatness of my clients.

Their magnificence blinds me.

Messages come to be shared, tears of joy and relief begin to flow, laughter bubbles and it all flows so easily. I gave six sessions back to back, whilst lessons carried on around us. Not for one moment did it feel like hard work.

When I look to making my next dream a reality, I look for inspiration, for role models. For a frequency that I have momentarily forgotten belongs to me. A frequency that some other person can show me by how they are living their lives. I have looked for models who are successful in their business.

I have new financial goals for Wild Bliss, for our lives, for what I can make available for my children, for the adventures I want to share with them. I got lost for a while, believing that “They” knew better than me, that I had better follow their way if I want to “make it”.

The words I have heard over and over again – work hard, sweat, live with fear, strive and achieve. I got lost. Lost in the world of comparisons (death for the self esteem), feeling “less than” and inadequate because I want something different.

I want family. I want a business. I want a life.

Not my business to be my life.

But my business to support my life.

“Work harder. Sweat. Get over it and show up.”

Never, in all the courageous acts I have taken, in all the bold decisions I have made, did I ever need to do this!

The only time I want to sweat is in the gym or bedroom.

I imagine that not one of you is struggling to realise a dream because you are not working hard enough, or fearful enough, or bold enough. We all work hard, even if we are working hard at being someone we are not.

We don’t need to work harder, we need to work differently.

My babe, Ian is one of most naturally happy people I know. He’d quicker relax into a smile than anything else. He works. When he has a design project I might not see him for hours and hours. He works. I’m dragging him off the computer at bedtime. He’s smiling. He says things like, “that was fun”. He has courage. Each design he releases into the world is like offering a new baby to the crowds. He cares about his work. He can drive me to insanity because a line on the website is out and needs to be fixed. A line!

He is in joy in his work. He puzzles, ponders, wonders, imagines, goes for walks to allow creativity to answer him while he stops thinking. He’s determined to design something beautiful and helpful.

He’s aligned

Aligned with a dream, aligned in his beliefs, following his heart and his joy.

He’s my inspiration much of the time.

And for you? When you are looking at anything new in your life… Change of work, relationship, home, or habit – choose a destination that brings you a sense of expansion, or ease. Look for the next natural step. That might be a big bold decision in someone else’s eyes but in your inner reality you will have a knowing that this is right for you. It is in that knowing that faith and trust becomes easier.

There may still be doubt but it will get to a stage where it is a mere whisper. Get your beliefs in alignment (use our freebie for that) clear the decks of your old self image.

Don’t let other people’s hullabaloo about the path to success drown out your own heart’s longings.

Whatever you desire, Source does not call for martyrhood. That’s old mythology.

Aurora has been nudging me towards a path of more ease and joy for two years now. This year, I finally got it. The pieces are falling into place and I now truly know what she means and that it is true. For all of us.

Life is supposed to be joyful. I know that in my bones and working out what that means to me has been a journey I am grateful to have taken.

Radiant sessions are part of my old self image. I love energy therapies. They have been difficult to let go. EFT saved me and TAT holds me. I adore them and will continue to use them to get aligned and stay on my own path. But they are not where my heart leads me in my work anymore. I have beautiful memories of some of the transformations I have been witness to, amazing souls who have had the courage to say. “I want to feel differently, I want to let this go.”

Although I love doing the Radiant sessions, they are becoming my addictive profession.

They are my go to when I fear what Aurora says we are to do together.

I get frustrated when I hear EFT taught and used incorrectly so that people say – “oh it didn’t really work for me.” Scripts don’t cut it most of the time.

EFT changes lives when  applied correctly.

But there are many, many people who are gifted practitioners. It’s not my job anymore. So I am ending the Radiant Sessions in order to focus more fully on channeling. The book that Aurora is giving, through me, needs much more of my time. Readings are touching people in ways that I could not have imagined. And most importantly, right now, channeling and exploring more of that information is where my heart is leading me. For now. No decision is a forever decision right?

It’s time to let go of the railings and fall deeply into a path of faith.

I know that some of you have contacted me about Radiant Sessions, so I am offering bookings until the end of the month. (You can take the slot in March if you book in Feb). If you have been thinking about having a session then this is the time. No pressure, there are plenty of options out there.  Just a heads up; the uniqueness of you and I working together in this way is not going to be available for much longer.

And you, where is your heart leading you?

What would a path of joy and ease look like in your life?

What one small step could you take today?

What one thing could you let go of to lighten your load?


Cara Wilde

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2 thoughts on “Why you don’t need to work harder

  1. Thanks Cara. Your words filled me with joy. The message to trust our inner knowing of what we will do next, or how we will do it, struck a cord with me and was perfect timing. Hugs to you. Linda

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