Chakra Readings with Aurora

What is a chakra reading?

Aurora scans your energy system and gives guidance based on the information held in your charkas and auric field. For more information about chakras, click here. It’s like an energetic MOT (checkup) and most useful when you haven’t got any specific questions.

A chakra reading allows you to receive empowering information regarding your personal and spiritual growth on issues that you may not be consciously aware of. It can illuminate patterns of behaviour, beliefs and emotions that are restricting your ability to live your life in a way that is meaningful and joyful to you. Although a chakra reading will not solve all your problems, you will be offered a different perspective on your life and your experiences, allowing you to see why you may have created certain circumstances and offers guidance on how to transform problems into opportunities.

Aurora, when appropriate, offers simple processes on how to gently open and strengthen relevant chakras. This can be through visualisations, simple behavioural changes or transforming limiting beliefs.

Each reading is unique to the needs and qualities of each individual and will illuminate your abilities, skills and qualities. Aurora reminds you of your achievements and successes, allowing you to feel enthused about your current life circumstances and opportunities in order to implement any desired changes.

Which is better for me, a chakra reading or a Q & A reading?

A chakra reading can address aspects that you are not consciously aware of and therefore wouldn’t think or know to ask about in a general reading. If you have a burning question or a specific area of your life that you wish to change, then a Q&A reading is likely to most suit your needs. If there are many areas of your life that you are seeking guidance on, or you feel that your life requires a general shift then I would recommend a chakra reading to gain an understanding on the underlying theme that may be impeding you.

Also, a chakra reading can be very useful if you want a general perspective on your spiritual development. A lot of people come to readings wanting to know how they are progressing on their intentions for this lifetime and a chakra reading can illuminate information pertinent to this area.

How much do they cost and how do I request one?

A chakra reading generally lasts 45 - 60 mins and will be sent to you in MP3 format.

Price £120 (GBP)

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Then either email your details to, or use the form below. All that is required is your full name, email address and location. Once completed, the recording of your reading will be emailed directly to you in Mp3 format.

Feedback from previous readings

“More than a hundred thanks are offered for your lovely gift of a reading ~ thank you so much. I enjoyed it thoroughly and went to sleep with a smile because of it”

* * * * * * *

“Your reading is so helpful in encouraging me to take the next step into my power and realise that I CAN and WILL make it in this industry”

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"WONDERFUL! ENJOY the blog, also truly AMAZED at depth of my reading chakra from Aurora. MANY THANKS!
Best wishes, Tom"