Consultations with Aurora

Consultations can be particularly useful if:

• You are feeling stuck in some area of your life, confused and indecisive about which path to take or how to resolve some situation in your life.

• You have the feeling you are here to do something but haven’t quite tapped into your passions, talents and unique potential.

• You have dreams and yearnings and would like to know how to really make them happen in your life.

The viewpoint that Aurora offers is non judgmental and loving. When you get information from this viewpoint, not judging anyone or anything as wrong or right, the choices become clearer, allowing your authenticity to be your guide. Simply allowing yourself to be you, with your unique desires, dreams, talents and expression.

I too am "blown away" by the power of your readings, and by your and Aurora's energy. I've heard many channels over the years, and I can honestly say you are one of the most powerful and clearest channels I know..... you will touch the lives of so many people who need exactly what you and she are offering.

John Cali - Spirit Speaks

John Cali
Cody, WY
Spirit Speaks

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What to expect from a consultation

A consultation with Aurora is quite often like chatting with an old friend. She has a delicious, delightful nature, drenched in compassion and unconditional love. There is never any wrong doing in her eyes.

It isn't like a Tarot or fortune reading. There are no predictions for your future as each choice and decision we make effects our future destination. Consultations are more likely to offer you a deeper understanding of your life and your current choices, often from a soul level, giving you insight as to which choice will suit you best.

This reading was amazing, unlike any I've had before. It was thorough, precise and extremely accurate. It showed me how far I've come in both physical healing and spiritual growth and reassured me about my future path. I am truly inspired to look for, to create, my highest possible future. Thank you SO much!

Glynis Wozniak

Glynis Wozniak
Scotland, UK
Glynis Wozniak - Actor / Director

How does it work?

Each consultation is unique; in previous sessions these are some of the areas that have been covered:

• How to heal a current relationship and how this relationship is currently serving you at a soul level.

• How to attract your ideal relationship.

• Information about past lives and how that aids your understanding of a current situation

• Practical processes to support you in your desired outcome

• Illuminating the emotional and mental aspects to illness and disease and how to release these

• Guidance on manifesting processes

• Communication from pets that have passed over

• An overview of the consequences of different choices that are available to you

• How to release fear and doubt

People leave a consultation feeling happier, more empowered and with guidance on how to live more authentically. People also talk about feeling more supported and as though they have been touched inside somehow by a love that gives them strength. Aurora tells us that once she has connected with someone, she is available to them at all times. Many people consider Aurora to be a friend who they can turn to. One man commented that he just loved to bask in the love, support and unconditional acceptance he felt during a consultation.

I want to thank Cara for her channeling of Aurora for me on several occasions this past month. I feel strongly that the information given has had and continues to have a profound effect on both my personal life and my work. To say that I am grateful to both of them would be an understatement.

Grant Connolly - Z-point

Grant Connolly
Toronto, Canada
Z-Point Process

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What to ask?

Here are some suggested areas for questions:

• Relationships: What you are learning from a current relationship. How to experience relationships in your life that allow for your greatest joy.

• Work: How to find work that aligns with your authenticity, giving greater expression to your unique skills and passions.

• Life purpose or particular life focus at the current time.

• Spiritual growth / expansion.

• Areas of abundance, including finances.

Areas of particular interest to Aurora are:

• Unearthing family and cultural programming (beliefs) that detract from the expression of your authentic self.

• Supporting you in identifying unhealed issues or relationships that are stuck in your emotional body.

• Creating authentic relationships, including intimate relationships.

• Creating an abundant life. Identifying your unique skills, talents and how to express them in your life and through your work.

• Your soul's purpose for this lifetime and how information that you have gathered along previous lifetimes may inform this current one.

• Reality Creation tools. How to create a reality that reflects your wildest dreams.

Aurora does not offer predictions. She can see your reality from a place that is beyond time and space, and also recognises the power of choice, free will and probabilities. Nothing is written in stone, and there are decisions and choices available in each moment of Now that can dramatically change the reality that you are creating for yourself in the future.

Cara is an amazingly clear channel, her readings have bought such insight and wisdom and so many Ahaaaa! moments. Speaking with Aurora is so valuable to gain a deeper and broader perspective when I get stuck in a limited perception, I always leave with a feeling of liberation. I feel truly blessed to have such profound council available to me.

Johanna Graham - Jazz Singer

Johanna Graham
Cornwall, UK
Johanna Graham - Jazz Singer

How to book

Consultations typically last for 60 minutes but do please leave at least 90 mins free for each session. The conversations continue until they have reached completion, not because time is up. Aurora, although aware of my diary! does joke that she is beyond time and space and works instead with cycles of completion.

If you would like to enquire about booking consultations please contact us, either by email or using the form below, to discuss availablility and schedules.

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A standard consultation costs £150 (GBP).
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Standard Consultation

60 - 90 minute consultation with Aurora by Skype

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After my reading with Aurora through Cara, I realized why I’ve chosen not to have a reading before this. I was afraid that someone would know more about me than I would know about myself. I was afraid that I would be told things about myself that I’ve tried to hide from myself. Or it may be too painful to remember. If things were to be brought out, the emotions may be too painful to deal with, so I never allowed myself to experience a reading before.

My connection with Aurora was very loving, kind and gentle. I'm not saying I didn't cry or get emotional as that's exactly what I did do. My life was very much adrift when I was offered this opportunity to speak with Aurora. I was in a state almost of despair. No work, no income and no home of my own. Although I'm okay, this is not exactly my vision for myself.

Vision is a good place to start in describing how my reading with Aurora affected me. Aurora brought to my attention how I'd been ignoring and squashing my dreams for myself. Always telling myself that I had too much to do, or it wasn't time. Aurora gave me encouragement love and direction about things I thought I'd dealt with but really hadn't. I was given direction, a path, a spark of light that I have lacked in my life so far. I have great gratitude for Aurora and Cara for allowing me to connect in this most down time of my life.

Dianne Levitt

My deepest appreciation,
Dianne Levitt,
Peterborough, Canada.

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