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Wild Bliss has always been about helping people to connect with their authenticity, their true nature, the higher aspects of themselves, with Source; and realizing that, ultimately we are all intimately connected with Source, always, for we are Source.

For us, this has been a journey of discovery, of learning how best to serve, how best to deliver Aurora's message that it's it's entirely realistic to live a life a joy and ease in this world, in this lifetime.

We have worked in many ways towards this. Aurora is, as ever, available for consultation, and can facilitate huge shifts of perception and understanding.

Cara has worked one-to-one through coaching, helping people to channel and with energy therapies to help people make immediate and practical use of their insights through Aurora.

We've written and recorded and channeled and created with the intent of informing, inspiring and connecting, and it's good - it's all good - and yet...

It's time for more.

It's time for the next step.

And so...

Coming Soon...

It's become increasingly obvious to us that the most elegant way for us to help people to realize their connection and release themselves into a life of joy and ease is to teach everyone to channel.

Because we all channel anyway.

We're all connected, always, this is about making that connection more conscious, more available, reliable, practical and useful in everyday life.

Everyone Channels

Yes you do! We all do. Not necessarily verbally channeling as Cara does; it might be through writing, painting, music, poetry, cooking, teaching or anything else where you get out of your mind and into the flow.

So, if everyone already channels, what do we have to offer?


Learn to Channel Your Guides

Our next step is to teach you to channel your guide(s) - consciously, deliberately and verbally. Aurora is very keen to do this and has already given us the outline of the process, to be presented as...

A Weekend Workshop

For those close enough to Cornwall (UK), or willing to travel, we will be offering a weekend workshop where Aurora will teach how to connect with and verbally channel your guide.

An Online Course

And because we want as many people as possible to have access to this, we'll be creating an online course. This will primarily be and audio/video/workbook course, though there might also be an option of working directly with Cara and Aurora.

We're working on it!

This is where we're focussed at the moment, and the workshop will be soon (we're probably talking June/July 2013 here) - the online course might take a little longer to put together. And also...

We need your help

We know what we've done, what we wanted to know and needed help with, but what about you? What are your areas of interest or concern about channeling? Where are you at and where would you like to be?

We've put together a short survey to try to answer some of these questions. If you can make five minutes for it then we'd really appreciate your input.

Are you with us? Jump to the survey...


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What next?

Here's some ideas...

If you didn't already, you might like to help us with the survey

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