Discover a Symbol of Your Life's Work

You know that you have a calling and a purpose but don’t have a clue what it is or where to start looking, or you have so many ideas but can’t get focus on the next step.

Discover a Symbol of Your Life's Work - Complete Kit

You are not on your own and many people have benefited by using this combination of an inner journey (just like a guided visualisation) and a beautiful and fun workbook.

In the journey you will be working with a symbol of your life’s work. By working with symbols you are able to bypass your conscious mind and utilise the power of your subconscious mind to access your inner wisdom. You rock, whether you know it or not, and there is work available for you that you love and adore. Work that fits like a glove with your experience, knowledge, skills and unique personality.

What's on offer?

• Gain clarity on your current work situation

• Get specific ideas on what to do next

• Feel more empowered to make choices for yourself

• See possibilities that you've not considered before

• Draw supportive people and opportunities towards you

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meditation and workbook

You have a song to sing and the world needs to hear it.

The best thing about working with symbols is that your subconscious mind can connect the dots of all that you have to offer in such a way that your logical mind could never come up with.

If I had told my school careers guidance officer that I wanted to talk to a non physical being as part of my work, well yeah, you can imagine how THAT conversation would have gone!

We are in very different times right now, in terms of work and career opportunities and, if you are drawn to our website, the chances are your work will not fit into any conventional boxes.

That’s where this kit can really help.

The journey takes you to your mystical island, a very real place on the inner realm, where you discover and work with a symbol of your life’s work. You will activate a very powerful reaction that will also draw circumstances, people and opportunities into your outer world (that physical place we live!).

It works.

Well, when you are consciously partnering with the same energy that created this planet, it’s got to really!

The workbook is designed to squeeze every ounce of wisdom out of your journey. The journey has specific events that link to specific questions in the workbook so that you can more easily understand the language of your subconscious.

It ain’t rocket science, but when you are looking at your own skills, beliefs and particular style of learning, for example, you can easily dismiss their significance. You get so used to being you, and doing what you do naturally, that you can overlook what an outsider might see as pure genius. Really, that’s how it works in my experience of helping people discover their ideal life's work.  It’s nowhere near as complicated as we can make it, that’s the self-doubt talking my friend.

Also in the work book there are very specific, practical steps and ideas on how to work with an essence (or quality) that will make you magnetic to work opportunities


Practical ideas on how to keep the magic working in the days and weeks after you have completed the journey.

You can use this again and again. It’s the journey I first used when I wanted to leave my mainstream job to work in a more spiritual, energetic based way. A few weeks later I had discovered and was training in Emotional Freedom Technique. I still work with a new symbol every time I embark on a new project. It makes the journey so much smoother.

I have led this journey in many group and one to one settings. People have ALWAYS accessed a deeper wisdom and have reacted in a variety of ways, which include:

• Bursting into tears of gratitude after feeling that they had received permission to do work that they had longed to do for years.

• Someone wrote and got published their first ever book!

• Gaining clarity on how their current work fit with their overall purpose in life

• Feeling empowered to start their own business.

• Seeing themselves in a completely new light, which revealed possibilities they not considered before.

• Some people gained very concrete, specific ideas on what to do next.

• Some people felt empowered to make choices they had previously been full of self doubt about.

• Some people received a symbol, with some idea about what it represented and then found opportunities coming their way in the weeks that followed.

You are unique and so your experience will be unique but, if you follow all the steps, you will gain masses of information about yourself and your work.



Discover a Symbol of Your Life's Work Kit
Instant Download - Price: £17.00
34 minute MP3 audio and 16 page PDF workbook
Symbol of your life's work kit