Set yourself free

New Here?

Well first of all, Hello there amazing, welcome to the party!

Life is pretty cool living in Wild Bliss and we want to share that with you, so this is a map of all that we have to offer and how it might suit you.

Let’s just be clear about what Wild Bliss is about; here’s what Wild Bliss offers in a nutshell.

We help people live the life they truly want.

Our team consists of Cara, Ian and Aurora.

You can live Wildly and Blissfully. Your life can be based on your own consciously chosen beliefs and rules, your life can be fuelled by your passions and joys.

We know: that you are fully capable of creating the life you dream of.

That you have your own direct line to higher wisdom and guidance.

That you are a magnificent, creator being, living in a wonderful playground of reality.

We also know that sometimes there are storms in life that can interfere with your guidance system (trust me we’ve been there), you need some support, some guidance, to be able to see your life from a higher perspective, a way of unravelling the creation puzzle that lays in your path. We all know that what can seem like blocks right now are often golden opportunities of transformation when viewed through eyes that have completed the journey.

• You are ready to release your old beliefs, your old ways of viewing yourself and the world.

• You are ready to make the leap into a love based model of relating to life and to each other. You are ready to dive fully into being a conscious, rather than unconscious co creator with the universe.

• You know all the are now ready to live it.

• AND you have questions.

• You want some guidance.

• You have your own inner wisdom, and it rocks, but on this one issue or area of your life you’ve hit a brick wall and silence reigns in your inner world. You need some support.


We have oodles of support for you!

Have a consultation with Aurora and receive some kick ass higher guidance from the realm of unconditional love

Work one to one with Cara in the Radiant Sessions to transform any limiting beliefs and experience relief from unwanted emotional patterns (you know, that 'not good enough' stuff?)

Pop over to our shop for visualisations, channelled processes and meditation kits.

If you would like your very own inner journey/guided visualisation, designed just for your unique and beautiful self, then skip over to the Personalised Inner Journeys page.

If you are really interested in the theory that underpins what we believe in and other people whose work we adore then check out our Things We Love page.

To access a whole heap of channelled information and guidance from Aurora, and others, head over to the Wild Bliss Channel website - it's all free, and you get to ask your own questions!

Well that about covers it for now. Have a blast, let us know what you think and remember to connect with us so we can keep chatting about how to live Wildly and Blissfully.

Oo oo and one more thing, remember to grab our free goodies - they are awesome!