Personalised Inner Journeys

Inner journeys have been such a gift on my spiritual path and understanding of my knowing who I am. I have found them to be an invaluable tool in accessing my own wisdom, gaining clarity on my desires and changing my external world. It’s changing the outside from within. An inner journey is very similar to a guided visualisation, but whilst a visualisation can be a passive process, an inner journey involves interaction. This may be through dialoguing with an aspect of yourself, a guide, another person or transforming the landscape in some way.

I have used inner journeys with numerous clients where the wisdom that they were able to access was profound and resulted in a deeper understanding of themselves and others, allowing them to shift more into appreciation, understanding and love.

In order to understand the value of inner journeys there needs to be recognition that our outer lives are a reflection of our inner lives. Whatever changes we seek in our lives; better job, improved health, a soulful relationship or a new house, the first step is always a connection to our inner self. There is always a need to combine this with external action for grounding our vision into reality, but ultimately our first step is with ourselves. This is where the power of inner journeys lays.

personal journey of transformation

Everything is consciousness, as shamans have taught us for years, from your refrigerator to a stone on the beach, and we can interact with it all. I recently cleared a blockage from my bath drain by interacting with it on an energy level. I watched it clear and drain before my eyes after days of being blocked. I have interacted with aspects of myself from dreams, gaining profound wisdom from myself. I have even got my computer going again after it crashed by working with it on an energetic level. Working on this mystical, energetic level is not something that we are taught at school! We are taught that the world is this way and that is that, there is nothing we can do. That is clearly not true but it can take time to unlearn all that we have been taught.

So when I talk of inner journeys I am not talking of some flight of fancy, ungrounded trip away with the fairies (although that can be fun too!). I am talking about tapping into a deep sea of potential that lies within each and every one of us.

Now, you don’t have to use inner journeys to create change in your life, or even to access your own wisdom (accessing your own wisdom can be achieved simply by sitting in silence with yourself) but it can be a fun and supportive way of doing so. Especially if you are new to looking within for the answers or if making external changes is challenging for you.

Through the years of working with clients I have developed the ability to tap into a universal wisdom and “download” a personal journey for them. My skills and voice lend themselves to writing and recording inner journeys and my training in personal and spiritual growth seems to aid this “download” process.

I have previously worked with clients in the following areas:

• Gaining clarity on their purpose

• Support with empathy skills and learning how to stop being overwhelmed

• Support with exam pressures

• Weight loss

• Healing a relationship

• Understanding the need for an addiction

This product is unique; you will not see this offered anywhere else.


Click to play a short audio clip of a previous visulisation channelled for someone stressed about their exams who wanted support and to access wisdom from their guide.


Here’s the way it works:

You email me details of the area of your life that you wish to focus upon. I suggest that you focus upon one specific area for greater effectiveness.

I will meditate and ask the realm of love to show me a journey that would be most beneficial for you at this time. Most frequently it comes via Aurora but I am open to receiving light information from other sources that may be more appropriate for you.

I then record this journey, typically 30-40 minutes long. Each journey uses music which supports the vibrations of peace and love.

You will then receive your recording emailed as an Mp3 to enjoy and use over and over.

Price £45 (GBP)

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