Radiant Sessions

It’s time for you to shine.
It’s time to live life in a way that makes your soul soar.
It’s time for you to become all you ever dreamed of being.
It’s time to allow your uniqueness to dance into the world.
It's time to shower us with your gifts, with your laughter,
with your wisdom, with your love.
And it’s time for you to allow all that juicy living into your life!
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What you will experience during a session:

Immediate and tangible results. Your body and mind will give you instant feedback that change has occurred.

Clarity about what’s holding you back, and FREEDOM from that particular issue/theme in your life.

Emotional relief; sometimes it feels as though a huge weight has been put down.

Transforming stuckness into creative and propelling energy.

Possible relief from physical symptoms (if that is a presenting problem). A recent client reported an improvement in her eyesight immediately after one session.

Lifelong tools that you can apply to other areas of your life, and the joy of watching the transformation magically unfold in your life.

Clients typically leave a session feeling happier, lighter and more in control of their future. They are put back in the driving seat of their lives.

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What you can use the sessions for:

If you are feeling stuck. You have dreams, future goals – plans for your life, but you can’t find the mojo to make it happen.

If you are seeking relief from a past trauma that is still impacting your life now.

If you experience anxiety frequently.

If you feel an inner calling towards a dream and lack the confidence to pull it off.

If you dream of living more authentically, or know that there is someone great inside of you calling to be freed.

What the sessions don’t do:

Although I love massive action and having goals, that’s not what these sessions are about. The radiant sessions are about aligning you so that your next action feels like the next natural step. Although I’m wild at heart, I adore grace and elegance. I won’t be doing any planning with you, instead I will be helping you to become more aligned with your authentic self so that, even if the next step for you is massive action, it will feel like the most obvious thing to do.

Sort your whole life out in one session. Sorry an’ all that. Though I would love to promise this, I doubt I will ever get there and really, where’s the fun in that?? Life is about the journey as much as the destination. So nope to the whole life sorted in an hour scenario but Yes to the resolution of one area, or at the very very least, emotional relief. Cool eh? :-)

Ready to go? Here's how:

We will connect via Skype - preferably with a webcam.

Each session typically lasts 60-90 mins and is £150. I do suggest that you leave 2 hours free though as some sessions have lasted this long. I like to keep going until it’s done.

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Want to read more? Here it is:

Here’s the theory that underpins the Radiant Sessions (no jargon or science lingo I swear :-) )

We are born radiant, shining, open, trusting and bursting with curiosity about ourselves and the world around us. Just watch a toddler discovering themselves in a mirror and planting a big kiss on the glass :-)

For the most part, our auric field is clean and shiny, we look at life through a clear lens, using our senses to decide our preferences and desires. Life is a glorious adventure, a gift of discovery, and we can’t wait to dance with it.

Then some well meaning person tries to teach us about life, and slaps their handprint on our shiny, sparkling lens, and then another, and so it goes on. With each interaction and experience in life we learn about what is acceptable, and make decisions about what we are and are not capable of. All the time the lens gets less sparkling. By the age of 7 most of our core beliefs are set and, unless we consciously change them, we continuously operate from our 7 year old understanding of ourselves and the world.

As we grow older it can seem that we no longer wish to shine. We hide our light under a bushel, we become less so that we are not noticed, and we forget who we truly are.

The truth is we are radiant beings of possibility, we are co-creators with a power that created the universe for goodness sake, yet most of us have days where we wonder if we are powerful enough to get up in a morning!!

I promise you this: ALL of the fears and feelings of inadequacy are not yours, and they are not your truth. Instead they are fears that have been imprinted on your clean and shiny lens as you have journeyed through life.

The only way that fears get to stay there is if you agree with them.

The other secret is that all you desire to be in the world, those “others” that you admire and wish you could be like, are really you. Jung called this our Golden Shadow and, as Marianne Williamson tells us, our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate but rather that we are powerful beyond measure.

Yes to that!

At this monumental time in our world, change and transformation surrounds us.

We need you!

We need you to shine your dazzling light in the world. You are a unique part of the puzzle of humanity. You are important and you matter. We need you :-)

Differences are wonderful, the differences between you and me provides the gap where we can meet. I learn from you. I become more of who I am because of you.

So what to do with that lens of yours? How do you give back all those fears and limitations that don’t belong to you, that never belonged to you?

That’s what the Radiant Sessions are about. I have a magical duster ...well not really... but I do have some wonderful tools that act like windscreen wipers, washing away the grime of fear and self doubt to reveal the natural beauty beneath.

These are all tools that I have used on my own journey of transformation. They are energy based tools, and all that really means is that they work directly on your energy system, bypassing the need to consciously figure it all out, allowing for a graceful release. Gone are the days of bashing pillows and sobbing in a ball (although if sometimes that still feels right to do, I’m all for that). Instead energy based techniques allow for a gentler, deeper transformation. I use all my learnings from my professional and personal life to guide the session, and utilise my intuition and channelling abilities. It’s not uncommon for me to see clients' past lives when relevant, guides that wish to be known, or flashes of a clients personal life if appropriate and ethical.

Finally, I care passionately and believe in you completely, this leads me to be able to provide a safe place. From clients feedback, I’m easy to talk to and confide in. Maybe because of my own experience of debilitating shame, I rarely judge someone (ok I still do sometimes, I’m still learning and haven’t got that perfect thing nailed yet - phew!) but in a Radiant Session I see your perfect potential and true self, the self that radiates love, beauty, laughter, wisdom, grace, innocence, freedom and faith.

We will connect via Skype - preferably with a webcam.

Each session typically lasts 60-90 mins and is £150. I do suggest that you leave 2 hours free though as some sessions have lasted this long. I like to keep going until it’s done.

We will focus on one area of your life or one particular life challenge that you are wishing to transform.

Before the session begins I will send you any relevant information so that you are fully prepared.

If you have any questions about a session please do contact me. I love this work and love to talk about it.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this work and I can’t wait to partner with you in this exciting way.


Cara Wilde


Pay with PayPal - fast and secure
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