What people say about Aurora

Johanna Graham

Cara is an amazingly clear channel, her readings have bought such insight and wisdom and so many Ahaaaa! moments.

Speaking with Aurora is so valuable to gain a deeper and broader perspective when I get stuck in a limited perception, I always leave with a feeling of liberation. I feel truly blessed to have such profound council available to me.

Johanna Graham
Cornwall, UK
Johanna Graham - Jazz Singer


Grant Connolly

I want to thank Cara for her channeling of Aurora for me on several occasions this past month. I feel strongly that the information given has had and continues to have a profound effect on both my personal life and my work. To say that I am grateful to both of them would be an understatement.

Grant Connolly, CHt
Toronto, Canada


Glynnis Wozniak

This reading was amazing, unlike any I've had before. It was thorough, precise and extremely accurate. It showed me how far I've come in both physical healing and spiritual growth and reassured me about my future path. I am truly inspired to look for, to create, my highest possible future. Thank you SO much!

Glynis Wozniak
Scotland, UK
Glynis Wozniak - Actor / Director


After my reading with Aurora through Cara, I realized why I’ve chosen not to have a reading before this. I was afraid that someone would know more about me than I would know about myself. I was afraid that I would be told things about myself that I’ve tried to hide from myself. Or it may be too painful to remember. If things were to be brought out, the emotions may be too painful to deal with, so I never allowed myself to experience a reading before.

My connection with Aurora was very loving, kind and gentle. I'm not saying I didn't cry or get emotional as that's exactly what I did do. My life was very much adrift when I was offered this opportunity to speak with Aurora. I was in a state almost of despair. No work, no income and no home of my own. Although I'm okay, this is not exactly my vision for myself.

Vision is a good place to start in describing how my reading with Aurora affected me. Aurora brought to my attention how I'd been ignoring and squashing my dreams for myself. Always telling myself that I had too much to do, or it wasn't time. Aurora gave me encouragement love and direction about things I thought I'd dealt with but really hadn't. I was given direction, a path, a spark of light that I have lacked in my life so far. I have great gratitude for Aurora and Cara for allowing me to connect in this most down time of my life.

My deepest appreciation,
Dianne Levitt,
Peterborough, Canada.


John Cali

I too am "blown away" by the power of your readings, and by your and Aurora's energy. I've heard many channels over the years, and I can honestly say you are one of the most powerful and clearest channels I know..... you will touch the lives of so many people who need exactly what you and she are offering.

John Cali - Spirit Speaks


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What people say about the Radiant Sessions

Katherine Dimas

Working with Cara has opened my mind, body and soul to new heights. After just one session, I felt the release of old, negative energy, and the peace that followed enabled me to shift from feeling constrained to feeling expansive. I feel both grounded and free - grounded in my core, yet free to explore, create, and soar to new levels.

I highly recommend working with Cara. Your soul will thank you!

Katherine Dimmas
Quebec, Canada


Thank you for our session this morning, the results were immediate and tangible. You are a gifted healer!!! Honored our paths have crossed. Thank you for sharing your light, love, & wisdom. The world is lucky you are in it :)

Carrie Hensley
Mesa, AZ


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What people say about the meditations

Symbol of Your Life's Work Kit

Barbara Clarke

I listened to the appr 30 min long gorgeous meditation and followed it up by filling out the workbook - and the bonus offered with the kit. Now I love guided meditations and I've listened to a lot! Cara's beautiful, soft voice guided me so gently into a very colourful journey inside my soul. The imagery she uses is so clear and inspiring and something about the mix of her voice and the powerful music helped me travel very deeply into myself.

During this guided journey I met my spirit guide who helped me discover a symbol that will guide me to the next step in my work. Now I admit that I already had a pretty clear idea of what this next step would be but apparently my guide had something else in mind for me. Without giving away too many clues regarding this meditation I can tell you that the symbol I received felt so powerful. It glowed in vibrant colours and the light that shone from it was very strong. I could feel it melt into my hands and I knew that my next step is to offer healing. I've received this message in different forms for years now but never paid much attention to it.

During this meditation something very powerful happened inside me. I can't explain it but I got a very strong feeling that the message was engraved in my soul, in my DNA. After the meditation I felt great, so relaxed and focused at the same time. As if my soul had been realigned with my heart and mind. It was a very good and balanced feeling.

In order to go even deeper into this work I answered some very interesting questions and it was great to put words on my experience. And during the days after I did this work I kept seeing my symbol in different places, as if it was reminding me that it is still here and still at work.

I loved this guided meditation and I will use it again whenever I am having questions about my next step in my business. If you have a business and would like some guidance, I sincerely recommend this meditation kit. It's awesome! And if you are stuck in a job that doesn't feed you soul or if you don't know what your Soul Work is - this can also be for you.

All my Love and Gratitude,

Karina Ladet


Barbara Clarke

In November 2011, a contact wanted to give me my first paid writing project, but they asked me to publish the reiki symbols and attunements and I said no as it went against my practice. I was gutted!

Shortly after that I went on a workshop about finding your ideal life’s work in which Cara led us through the journey meditation - here is what happened:

There was a guide who I had met previously, but I didn’t believe he was real as he was a red Indian and his name was White Feather! Well he was banging the drums whilst a badger was singing “ROXXXXXXANNNNE – YOU DONT HAVE TO PUT ON THE RED LIGHT!”

Then we were instructed to see a box, mine kept turning into a tall thin wardrobe and I kept trying to make it into a stereotypical box. Of course, in true spirit led fashion whenever I stopped changing it with my mind, it reverted back to the tall thin wardrobe. Next, we were instructed to open the box and find our ideal life’s work, and of course from a tall thin box emerged a tall thin thing like a pen! I also heard “you have already done it- in four months you will see.”

After the meditation, we worked in groups decoding the symbols with books. We had a power animal book and turned to Badger – the title was ” Badger – Keeper of Stories – Power Cycle – Spring” (four months away!) The group said I should be writing – which was a very repetitive sound to my ears at that time.

We were instructed to do one thing to make it happen, so I bought The Writers Handbook 2011 and was pleased it said 2011 as I was really busy helping to launch a new business and it some how said to me to finish off what I had too this year, and make next year about writing. So I shut it away in a drawer.

The next day the postman delivered a business newsletter – the heading said “Writing Book Helps Business Triple Sign Ups”. The strange thing was that it was for my old address!

Four months later – I started the process and six months after that I got signed :-) My first book "The Transformational Truth of Tarot" now has a release date of 31/8/12!

Thank you Cara! x

Tiffany Crosara


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